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Safe Mode with Networkingadds a network layer on top of the base Safe Mode. It enables network drivers and allows you to use the internet while in Safe Mode. For most purposes, this is the best one to choose.

After the installation, follow the steps to set up the new OS. You then should be deposited in your new Windows 11 environment. Download nvidia Drivers Driver Download & Updates … Microsoft informs you what files and settings will be kept, and recaps what is about to be installed. Click Next, accept the license terms, then click Install. Windows 11 runs the upgrade and then reboots. Sign in, and Windows 11 should be up and running.

After entering this command, it should return you to the MS-DOS prompt with no message. This step is not required, but recommended. This tutorial will show you how to reset Windows 10 to remove everything and start over completely with a clean installation of Windows 10 on your PC. Reinstalls the version of Windows that your PC came with and removes your personal files. Restore factory settingsThis is to do a factory restore on an OEM PC that came preinstalled with Windows 10. Reinstalls Windows 10 and removes all your accounts and personal files.

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If there’s a check that the computer didn’t pass, use the available links in the app to find out what you can do to remedy the block. Once you complete the steps, the new installation will reactivate automatically. If you have a lot of files, uploading them to the could take a long time and turn out expensive. The alternative best option would be copying the files to an external USB hard drive.

  • It’s an excellent option for most basic use cases.
  • “Unintended consequences or just what are those desktop.ini files?”.
  • In this article, we have discussed two ways to factory reset using command prompt easily.

Wiping the computer of all your apps, files, folders and other personal information isn’t necessarily as straightforward. Sometimes, you may not be able to launch your Windows PC due to various reasons. However, if you want to fix issues with your Windows PC, then you can perform a factory reset using Boot Menu. To do so, hit F11 when the computer is booting up to bring up the Recovery Environment. Clicking this will allow the user to either keep files on the computer or to get rid of everything during the factory reset.

How to Display Internet Speed on Taskbar in Windows

Your computer settings will be reset to their default state. All the software products that you installed will be erased along with the information that comes with them. The default applications that come with Windows 10 installation will be reset back to their original settings.

First, head to this link and download the zip file of the universal media creation tool. Congratulations, you now have a bootable USB Windows 11 drive that will work regardless of secure boot being enabled. Instead, locate the ‘CSM’/’CSM Support’ option in the BIOS menu system (It’s normally under security). Go back into BIOS and enable ‘Secure Boot’ then save and exit again. Finally, going back into the BIOS menu, follow step 2 to enable TPM 2.0. Wait for that to install and follow the steps.